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  1. What Are the Pros & Cons of Industrial Property to Let?
  2. Things to Consider When Looking for Industrial Units to Let

1. What Are the Pros & Cons of Industrial Property to Let?

There are many advantages of using industrial property to let for your business premises, most notably the relative ease of which it enables you to relocate if you need to due to company expansion or if you merge with another organisation to cut production costs. It is true to say however that there also a number of disadvantages to renting business property, most obvious of which is if you want to change structurally the building itself if you want to add an extension or if you want to conduct maintenance then you have go through a long winded business of negotiation with the landlord or property agent.

Advantages of Rented Industrial Property

The clear benefits of renting a property for your business whether it for retail or industrial use are things such as not having to be concerned with the wear and tear of the property in terms of plumbing systems, guttering, outside masonry, tar-mac or general surface condition of entrance, car-parking and storage areas. Typically these elements of the property will be adequately maintained and repaired by the property owner or industrial estate agent.

Furthermore as discussed briefly earlier if your company makes on-going profit year on year and you wish to expand your premises, by being renting industrial property you will be able to relocate much easier. Relocation to another industrial estate may not be necessary if your estate agent has other rental property which is adjacent to your company premises. If this is the case and you sign up for a long lease, then the landlord may agree to join the two structures if necessary and or storage areas by making changes to fencing and landscaping if required.

Disadvantages of Industrial Property to Let

The disadvantage of undertaking a rental property for your industrial business over a purchased property are things such as the fact that you will not be able to make structural changes to the building to allow for new production line machinery which requires higher ceilings or wider loading bay areas to be implemented to increase output and profit.

Any changes to your rental property would need to be negotiated with your landlord or industrial letting agent and may take a considerable amount of time to finalise or even get approved. Where-as if you owned your own premises then after planning permission is granted from your local authority is approved if required it would theoretically be much less hassle.

Other clear disadvantages of choosing to rent property for your business are that you are 'at the mercy' of your property agent who may increase the letting costs once your contract is up for renewal or increase other fees related to your premises.

Also if other businesses on the industrial estate you are on choose to move or have to close due to economic conditions, potential clients visiting your premises may not be impressed with the location of business by not fault of your own.

2. Things to Consider When Looking for Industrial Units to Let

When looking for industrial units to let for your business there many things you should consider before undertaking a long lease or rental contract with a property owner or commercial estate agent. The most important aspect which may sway your decision may be price, but you should probably make a list of factors and give each one a rating from 1 to 10 for how important they are to you and your business.

The kinds of things which should be on your list of deciding factors are as follows:

  • Industrial Unit Location
    The location of industrial units to let is important for many reasons, most notably for logistics of you and your workforce travelling to work, too far from a city and your employees may struggle if they rely on public transport or cycle. Also location is an important factor when considering deliveries of raw materials and dispatch of products to market. You will have to work out the best combination of distance to motorway and rail networks and away from congested roads near build up areas.

  • Security on Offer on the Industrial Estate
    If you are producing high value products or storing large quantities of finished products which have a high street value for would be thieves, the security offered by the company who is offering the industrial units to let is an important factor to consider. You may feel however that you if you have security measures in place already that you have no need for secondary security, industrial estate external fencing, surveillance systems, etc.

  • Industrial Unit Internet Access
    You may or may not require a high-speed internet connection to your business or manufacturing premises, but having access to a well setup Wi-Fi network nowadays is very important not just to you and your work-force. This is because other individuals visiting your industrial unit premises may want reliable internet access in particular potential clients who want to use laptops and mobile devices to view websites and email during boardroom meetings.

  • Industrial Estate Environmental Policy
    Recycling schemes offering by industrial estate managers are vital for some businesses to promote themselves as being up to date the times and to be seen to taking an active role in controlling their carbon footprint and effect on their local environment. So if the industrial units to let are provided recycling refuse collection facilities and or are given advice on the possible use of solar or wind generated electricity producing systems to run minor elements of their organisation is an important factor to consider.

  • The Prices of the Industrial Units to Let
    Obviously the price of the actual units you considering to let is a very important factor, but I wouldn’t let price alone guide your decision.

Whilst price is vital for calculating profit margins before you undertake a contractual rental agreement, particularly if you take a 5 year fixed rate plan for instance, but other aspects such as those mentioned above should be taken into account.

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